Our music is a blend of genres that reflect the varied interests, talents and locations of the members.  

The Making of a Brand

As friends first,  practice and content on the internet follows. We can be found on Soundcloud and Reverbnation.  In 2022 our music is reaching the major Streaming Networks

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Type of music, instruments and distribution used.

Band Elements

Guitars, drums, keyboards and various electronic  synthesizers are used, 


These are some of the  Musicians who have contributed to this body of work.


Internet Music Platform with a prominent social media component. Good for feedback and sharing.

(A) Record

An independent music record label sponsored by Gilbert Music . 

Brian Silva

Music, pets and desert sum up this musician.


These are some of the main players  

Brian Silva

Song Writer, Guitar player and Keyboard work. 


Mix and synthesizer guy.


Voice and mixing.