Music Styles

The genres in which we have played vary depending upon who is sitting in with us. Over time our music has progressed through these projects. Check for more sound. 

the Les Dillinger

Brian Silva is the driving force behind this Industrial /Rock /Blues Band. Sean Bartlett, Dennis Silva and Sid Gilbert contribute to the sound. Life experiences play a big part in the crafting of these tunes. 


Formed in 2005, this Electronic/Industrial band has existed mostly underground. The core members are Craig Silva (reaLL), Dennis Silva (Blakness), Brian Silva and Sid Gilbert. There is a vast archive of jams, some of which can be found on the net.

Blue Sun Machine Gun

A very tight Rock band that makes you want to move. Check the Reverbnation release. 
Fans hope for the resurrection of this group. Sterling Silva and Lazlo round out the trio. Remnants are floating around cyber space. We offer a few that Brian has.